Is this a signal that the tide is turning?

One thing I have noticed is a general mood shift among the electorate from right to left – some have called it the start of the pendulum swing back toward Democratic leadership. Even the incoming Speaker of the Florida House has said that the Republican Party is at a “crossroads moment.”

Now, the Associated Press is reporting that the GOP has lost its financial edge for both Congressional and Senatorial comitttees. The story is available from a number of sources, here is the Tampa Tribune ( story.

Here are the facts reported in the story:
Senate Committees – Cash on hand:
DSCC: $33.5 million
NRCC: $18.3 million

Senate Committees – May Fund Raising:
DSCC: $4.7 million
NRCC: $4.3 million

House Committees – Cash on hand:
DCCC: $24.5 million
RCCC: $21.9 million

House Committees – May Fund Raising:
DCCC: $5.5 million
RCCC: $5.6 million

But then, just when the Democrats think they are getting ahead – along comes the President, and helps the GOP raise $27 million – $15 for the Senate and $12 for the house.

Still, given the fact that Democratic 527’s outspend Republican 527’s almost 3 to 1 — it appears that the left may have a financial advantage.

So… add the cash advantage to the shifting electorate and what do you get? Could it be the antithesis of the1994 Republican revolution? Hold on tight, folks… it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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