A quick update on the light rail issue

The Tampa Rail blog has a great post about the Tampa Bay Partnership’s call for action to create the Tampa Bay Regional Transportation Authority.

The Partnership posted a full page ad on the last day of the 2006 Legislative Session in an effort to rally support for a bill that would create a regional authority. As noted in the Tampa Trib article, the issue died in the legislature (it was not a part of the bill that ultimately passed because the House of Representatives removed that section).

The sad part is that the biggest proponent for the Authority, Senator Jim Sebesta, is term-limited and can not run for re-election this year. The baton for a comprehensive, coordinated transportation and transit plan must be passed to another Bay area representative or senator.

Perhaps we could ask Senator Mike Fasano to help. He was Chairman of the Senate Transportation & Economic Development Appropriations Committee last year. Without a champion, the efforts to provide multimodal solutions will fall further behind.

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