State of Sunshine Gets Pub on St Petersblog

Peter Schorch at St. Petersblog has joined the welcome wagon, with more-than-kind words about this new venture of mine:

He’s been such a frequent poster on this blog that I didn’t even notice that Jim Johnson set up his own blog called State of Sunshine. Even if he didn’t offer such compelling commentary, I would have to mention Jim’s site, but since he does add a unique, intelligent voice, it is truly my pleasure to welcome him to the blogosphere.

For those who have not done so, make sure you add Peter’s Blog to your feed aggregator and/or favorites. While I may not agree with his politics, his posts tend to be among the best written among the local blogs I read.

Peter also took over the Florida News blog as well, keeping him busy. That is another blog I recommend you add to your list of reading.

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