Murman v Storms — the TV War has begun

I saw my first Sandy Murman commercial tonight. Looks like she bought BrightHouse cable for this (although I am not in that district). [The commercial is available in WMV format on Sandy’s website .]

Here is the text:

Opening shot of Sandy talking to Seniors — “Sandy Murman has been a strong voice for our conservative values. Protecting the rights of parents by passing legislation … ” (transition to Sandy talking to teenage girls) ” … requiring teenage girls to tell their parents before receiving an abortion … ” (shot of family, father tossing football to 10-yr-old son while walking) ” … defining marriage as between one man and one woman … ” (shot of mother and baby girl) ” … Ensuring the safety of our children by fighting to toughen penalties for sexual predators … ” (shot of sandy talking to young girl, flags imposed… banner read by announcer) “… Sandy Murman, conservative and effective.”

The graphic at the end reads: Sandy Murman. The Conservative and Effective Republican.

Since I don’t live in that district, this is the first TV I have seen on it. It’s possible that there are other commericals, but since Sandy reported $300,000 and Ronda reported $89,000 last reporting period — it could just be the opening salvo.

This is a race I will watch with great interest.

FYI – Ronda Storms website is here.

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