State of Sunshine Gets Pub on O’Blog

A third blog has joined the chorus welcoming me to the blogosphere. Bob O’Malley writes about Orlando (and central Florida) happenings over at O’Blog.

Where there is birth, there must be death. And vice versa. So as we say goodbye to Out in Left Field*, we welcome The State of Sunshine**, a new blog on all things political in Florida. Check it out and tell them O’Blog sent you.

* I imagine (and hope) Out in Left Field will still be around, but it likely will have less posts about Florida politics and more about Colorado.

** Why is it that Tampa is home to so many good blogs and Orlando has little to none (depending on your definition of a good blog!)?

I appreciate being added as a “good blog” from Tampa. Now if only the people at the House of Mouse would find their way to the World Wide Web… maybe Bob would not be among the few O-town blogs worth your time.

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Editor and publisher of The State of Sunshine.
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