State of Sunshine Gets Pub on TBO’s Political Safari

Lauria Fiorilli caught my post on Sandy Murman’s new commercial in her political blog — Political Safari — on the site.

Storms made more waves on the wider Internet last year during her barrage of anti-gay-pride measures, but local bloggers haven’t taken their eyes off of her since. Here are some thoughts on the impending ad war between Storms and opponent Sandra Murman from one political observer.

Her blog has focused more on federal issues, but it is among the many I recommend. For such a nascent blogger, I appreciate that I have caught the eye of the “MSM” so soon.

Her post resulted from Commissioner Ronda Storms’ resignation today from the Hillsborough County Commission. The resignation is really a formality, as Florida law requires elected officials seeking election to another office to resign from their current position if the term of the new position overlaps with his or her current term. Since Storms’ current term on the BOCC doesn’t end until after the 2008 election, she had to submit a resignation effective no later than November 7th – the date all state legislators elected in 2006 will take office.

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