Harris Losing More Staff, Will She Quit ?

The St. Pete Times’ Buzz and the Tampa Trib’s Political Safari are both reporting on new problems for Katherine Harris campaign. The Hotline has a story as well, speculating that it’s because how difficult Harris is to work with. This is her second team of campaign staff, and Harris will also be undergoing surgery to remove an ovarian mass.

The Buzz analyzed this:

The latest news, combined with Harris’ recent medical problems, fueled speculation once again that she would drop out of the race.

This leaves me with some questions. Clearly the race then becomes Will McBride’s to lose – mostly because of his personal wealth and family connections. But can he put enough cash into the race to convince voters that he is not “Bill” McBride? Can Peter Monroe or Leroy Collins capitalize on being the anti-McBride? What is Allen Bense thinking now? How will this affect GOP primary turnout? Can Bill Nelson get 75% of the vote against the GOP Nominee? Will having McBride or Monroe on the top of the ticket be a big drag on all Republican candidates?

Curiouser and curiouser!

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