State of Sunshine Gets Pub on Sticks of Fire

Okay, I now feel like I have arrived. Yes, some good bloggers have previously welcomed me to the blogosphere (here, here, here, and here)… but today Tommy at Sticks of Fire has posted some kudos about the State of Sunshine.

Jim says he started his site to share his thoughts on public policy. And he does a great job making intelligent points without getting all preachy. Jim’s writing is excellent and well-thought out. But what I like about the State of Sunshine is that it offers a point of view from right here in your neighborhood … Jim hasn’t been doing this long, yet he’s already catching the eye of plenty of other players. I suspect The State of Sunshine will quickly become a frequent point of reference discussing possible changes to local public policy.

Sticks of Fire is probably the best Tampa Bay blog, and one of the oldest. To be sure, while I will generally stick to the political realm, Sticks of Fire tackles all kinds of subjects. They also have some cool “Today in Tampa Bay History” posts that the Tampa Bay History Center provides.

For those who don’t already read Sticks, be sure to add the site to your favorites and add their feed to your feed reader.

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