Tampa Bay Local Candidates’ Websites

Bob O’Malley at O’Blog has compiled a two solid lists of the candidates for federal and state offices. Tommy at Sticks of Fire found the lists and wrote about them on that site.

His work inspired me to compile a list for County Commission and School Board candidates in Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota Counties. As this is qualifying week, I will update this post with the official list of candidates, so bookmark this page!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you know a candidate has a website, and I don’t have the link, email me.

Forgive the length of this post, but there are a lot of candidates in these seven counties.


County Commissioner District 2
Hubert Dukes (DEM)
Ronnie Mclean (DEM)
Augustino Peretti (REP)
Hannah “Nancy” Robinson (REP)
Rose Rocco (DEM)

County Commissioner District 4
Sindra Ridge (DEM)
David D. Russell (REP)
Jamie Wrye (DEM)

School Board Member District 1
Richard McDermott (NPA)
Michael Ransaw (NPA)
John Sweeney (NPA)
Robert Wiggins (NPA)

School Board Member District 3
Dianne Bonfield (NPA)
Maricriss Dausch (NPA)
John Druzbick (NPA)

School Board Dist 5
Sandra Nicholson (NPA)


County Commissioner District 1
Rose V. Ferlita (REP)
Don Kruse (REP)
Gary Santti (REP)
Brad Swanson (REP)
Steven A. Eckstein (DEM)
Mary Mulhern (DEM)

County Commissioner District 3
Kenneth “Ken” Anthony (REP)
Dorothy “Nicolle” Admire (DEM)
Chloe J. Coney (DEM)
Kevin White (DEM)
John Michael Craig (NPA)

County Commissioner District. 4
Al Higginbotham (REP)
Lisa Rodriguez (DEM)
James Rowell (DEM)
Jean Batronie (NPA)

County Commissioner District 5
Jim Norman (REP)
Joe Redner (DEM)
Yamel Christina Arronte (NPA)

County Commissioner District 7
Mark Sharpe (REP)
Thomas Scott (DEM)

School Board Member, District 2
Bart Birdsall (NPA)
Logan Cobb (NPA)
Candy Olson (NPA)

School Board Member, District 4
Jennifer Faliero (NPA)
Hunter Gambrell (NPA)

School Board Member, District 6
Ken Allen (NPA)
Stephanie Desmarais Georgiades (NPA)
April Griffin (NPA)
David L. Schmidt (NPA)
Alene D. Atkins (NPA)


County Commissioner District 2
Gwendolyn Y. Brown(DEM)

County Commissioner District 4
Ron Getman (REP)
Joe Shea (DEM)

County Commissioner District 6
Frank Brunner (REP)
Stella K. Burnett (REP)
Craig A. Trigueiro (REP)
Carol Whitmore (REP)
Sarah C. Meaker (DEM)

School Board Member District 1
David M. Bailey (NPA)
Barbara A. Harvey (NPA)

School Board Member District 3
Steven A. Cecil (NPA)
Robert Drane (NPA)
Jane R. Pfeilsticker (NPA)

School Board Member District 4
James Ferguson (NPA)
Bob C. Gause (NPA)
Joseph C. Miller, Jr (NPA)

School Board Member District 5
Maynard J. Boyce (NPA)
Walter E. Miller (NPA)


County Commissioner District 2
Larry Gilbert DeLucenay (REP)
John Edward Horan III (REP)
Patricia (Pat)Mulieri EdD. (REP)
Christie Zimmer (REP)

County Commissioner District 4
Nicole Deg (DEM)
Steve Simon (REP)

School Board Member District 1
Allen Altman (NPA)
Willie B. Broner, Jr. (NPA)
Cathi Compton (NPA)

School Board Member District 3
Michele Chamberlin (NPA)
Renee H. Jonas (NPA)
Cathi Martin (NPA)
Deborah (Susie)McDowell (NPA)
Michael Siemion (NPA)

School Board Member District 5
Frank Parker (NPA)
Tami L. Paxton (NPA)
Lance A. Shortt (NPA)


County Commissioner District 2
Calvin D. Harris (DEM)
Norman Todd Roche (DEM)

County Commissioner District 4
Raymond Brooks (REP)
Susan Latvala (REP

School Board District 2
Nancy Bostock (NPA)
Chris Hardman (NPA)
Mary Russell (NPA)

School Board District 3
Richard J. Bergeron (NPA)
Marti (Martha H.)Folwell (NPA)
Sean O’Flannery (NPA)
Peggy O’Shea (NPA)
Janice Starling (NPA)
Lewis Williams (NPA)

School Board District 6
Jack Killingsworth (NPA)
Linda Lerner (NPA)
Carl Neumann (NPA)

School Board District 7
Mary L. T. Brown (NPA)
Jennifer S. Crockett (NPA)
Minetha L. Morris (NPA)
Sheldon A. Schwartz (NPA)
Ray Tampa (NPA)


County Commissioner District 2
Russell “Rusty” Boedicker (DEM)
Robert Connors (DEM)
Dave Hallock (REP)
Betty Hill (REP)
Leslie McCutchin (REP)
Ken Richardson (REP)
Randy Wilkinson (REP)

County Commissioner District 4
Bruce L. Parker (REP)
Jean Reed (DEM)
Martha Santiago (REP)

School Board Member District 3
Hazel Sellers (NPA)

School Board Member District 5
Kay Fields (NPA)
Ricky F. Shirah (NPA)

School Board Member District 6
Margaret A. Lofton (NPA)

School Board Member District 7
Tim Harris (NPA)


County Commissioner District 2
Joseph A. Barbetta (REP)
John P. Lewis (REP)
Casey Pilon (REP)
Mike Bowers (WRI)

County Commissioner District 4
Nora Patterson (REP)

School Board Member District 1
Lisa A. Glenn (NPA)
Kirk A. Reid (NPA)
Tammy St Mary (NPA)
Carol Todd (NPA)

School Board Member District 2
Larry Helmuth (NPA)
Robert W. Long (NPA)
Caroline G. Zucker (NPA)

School Board Member District 4
Shirley Brown (NPA)
Carol D. Williams (NPA)

School Board Member District 5
Kathy Kleinlein (NPA)
James Lawless (NPA)

Source: I used Google and the Aggregate Yahoo and Google Add-on for my Browser (Firefox). For my search, I used this suntax: Candidate Name Commission OR Candidate Name School Board. This returned the first page of results for both Yahoo and Google. If the candidate has a website, chances are it would be listed among those results. It is, however, possible that more candidates have sites that did not rank high enough to make the first page of Yahoo or Google.

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  1. tommy says:

    you can find dorothy admire at http://www.avote4change.com/

  2. Bob says:

    Nice job! I think local political campaigns are the most important ones to follow. This is especially true with legislative term limits. Today’s local elected official is tomorrow’s state legislator. I hope to post a similar list of local campaigns in Central Florida.

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