“Stick Your Head In An Oven Bad”

That was Crist supporter and long-time Republican heavyweight Mac Stipanovich’s description of Tom Gallagher in the Palm Beach Post Blog (Q). No, he was not talking about Crist’s massive fundraising advantage. No, he was not talking about how Crist received another boost by getting $1.8 million in state matching money, $500,000 more than Gallagher. No, he was not talking about Crist’s discussion of civil unions, gay marriage, and gay adoption.

Nope. He was talking about this:

The Florida Ethics Commission on Friday found probable cause that state Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher violated state law on at least four instances when he bought the stocks of four companies that either had state contracts or were regulated by Gallagher’s office. (St. Petersburg Times)

This is yet another blow to the 2nd place Gallagher campaign. “The hits just keep on coming” for Gallagher. First came this headline from the Ft. Myers: Gallagher admits to pot use, infidelity. Now this headline from the St. Peterburg Times: Tom Gallagher to face ethics charges.

It doesn’t matter that most of the ethics charges were dismissed. Just like it doesn’t matter that his pot use and infidelity happened almost 30 years ago. Voters don’t have time to listen to explanations. They will see headlines, especially when used by 527s to attack Gallagher. It’s the difference between a 1 minute argument and a 1 hour argument.

Mac’s been around for some time. I’m thinking he could be right.

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