Kim Berfield’s First Commercial

Sitting here catching up on some blogs, watching Fox TV, and saw my first Kim Berfield for State Senate commercial. It was sandwiched between the pro-Gallagher, Coalition to Protect the American Dream commercial and a Charlie Crist commercial — can you tell Fox News is what Republicans watch?

So, the commercial isn’t too bad.

It starts three quick cuts: an older woman saying “What a relief”, a middle-aged man saying “She never’s gives up”, and a thirty-ish woman saying “Kim is amazing” The cuts are intersperced with a very quick shot of Kim’s logo ‘whooshing’ at you.

It then shows a hurricane blowing, with a cut out on screen showing “Hurricanes Drown Funds: Florida’s Catastrophe Fund Facing Shortfall… Needs Cash!” attributed to The Sun Sentinel March 2006.1 The voice over says, “When four hurricanes wiped out Florida’s catastrophe fund…” Switch to shot of Kim walking down the street talking with another lady, with another cut out showing “Berfield to Citzens Property Insurance: We are holding you accountable!” attributed to the Select Committee on Hurricane Insurance April 2005. The voice over continued, “Kim Berfield helped put it back in business,”… switch to shot of state capital… “and the state insurer on notice.”

The we see Kim on a neighborhood street, off-center on the screen, saynig “We’ve got to be prepared and ready.” The graphic for this says “Representative Kim Berfield” in small print below her, with “Prepared & Ready” in larger print to her right.

The scene then shows Kim talking with a group of people, with a cut out “Tax Relieve: Billions Returned to Taxpayers!” attributed to the Florida House of Representatives. The narrator says, “The same Kim Berfield who worked for tax relief time and again..” switch to show Kim having a discussion in the House chamber and a new cut out that reads “Berfield Votes Against Phone Rate Hikes: Phone Companies Hikes Rejected” attributed to the St. Petersburg Times. The narrator continues, “new consumer protection and new law to law to stop the waste.”

The scene changes to the old capitol again, with a graphic on the bottom: in quotes “A Bold Conservative Leader” but not attributed to anyone. Kim says “So government lives within its means…” switch to a closeup of Kim… “just like the rest of us.”

The next scene shows Kim’s logo, with her and the woman walking and talking. “A Jeb Bush Conservative” is below the logo, along with her website ( The narrator says “A Jeb Bush conservative, Kim Berfield for Senate.”

The final scene is a young boy saying “Go get ’em Kim!”

It’s a good commercial – looks like Adam Goodman’s work. I couldn’t find it on her website, so I don’t know if it’s there.

I’m not sure if I would have used the image of Kim on the house floor talking with her colleagues. It might remind the voters of this news report from Tampa Bay’s 10.

I look forward to seeing Frank Farkas and Charlie Justice commercials in this race. Neither of them have commericals on their websites either.

This will be an interesting race, and since I vote in this district, one that I will be watching closely.

1The attributes are hard to read, so I may have them wrong here.

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