Newspaper Endorsements

Here is a link to Tampa Bay area newspaper endorsements for primary elections — some editorials contain multiple candidates.

This post will be updated daily as more endorsements come out.

[Key: BH = Bradenton Herald; LL = Lakeland Ledger; SH = Sarasota Herald-Tribune; ST = St Petersburg Times; TT = Tampa Tribune — Click on the newspaper abbreviation to read their editorial. Additional papers are included for state-wide races.]

United States Congress (Republican Primary):
Senate: Leroy Collins, Jr (ST, TT, LL, NDN, MH, GS, FTU*); Will McBride (BH, OS); Peter Monroe (SFSS, PBP, FTU*, DBNJ); None (SH)
House 9: Gus Bilirakis (ST, TT)
House 13: Nancy Detert (SH)

United States Congress (Democratic Primary):
House 5: Rick Penberthy (ST, LL)
House 11: Kathy Castor (ST, TT); Les Miller (BH)
House 13: Christine Jennings (SH); Jan Schneider (BH)

Governor & Cabinet (Republican Primary):
Governor: Charlie Crist (BH, LL, SH, ST, TT, DBNJ, PBP, NDN, GS, FTU, OS, SFSS, MH, TD)
CFO: Tom Lee (SH, ST, TT, LL, BH, SFSS, GS, MH, DBNJ, PBP); Randy Johnson (NDN, OS, FTU)

Governor & Cabinet (Democratic Primary):
Governor: Jim Davis (BH, TT, FTU, OS, TD); Rod Smith (ST, LL, SH, DBNJ, PBP, NDN, SFSS, GS, MH)
Attorney General: Skip Campbell (TT, SH, ST, LL, BH, NDN, PBP, SFSS, GS, OS, MH, DBNJ)

Florida Legislature (Republican Primary):
Senate 10: Sandy Murman (TT, ST, LL)
Senate 16: Kim Berfield (TT, ST)
House 44: Robert Schenk (ST)
House 48: Peter Nehr (ST)
House 50: Ed Hooper (ST)
House 51: Dottie Reeder (ST)
House 52: Angelo Capelli (ST)
House 54: James Frishe (ST)
House 69: Laura Benson (SH)
House 70: Michael Grant (SH)
House 71: Rory Dubin (SH)

Florida Legislature (Democratic Primary):
Senate 18: Arthenia Joyner (ST, TT)
House 52: Bill Heller (ST)
House 53: Rick Kriseman (ST)
House 59: Betty Reed (TT, ST)
House 70: David Shapiro (SH)

County Commission – Hillsborough (Republican Primary):
District 1: Rose Ferlita (TT, ST)

County Commission – Hillsborough (Democratic Primary):
District 3: Chloe Coney (TT, ST)
District 4: Lisa Rodriguez (TT, ST)

County Commission – Manatee (Republican Primary):
District 6: Carol Whitmore (SH, BH)

County Commission – Polk (Republican Primary):
District 2: Betty Hill (LL)
District 4: Bruce Parker (LL)

County Commission – Pinellas (Republican Primary):
District 4: Susan Latvala (ST)

County Commission – Pinellas (Democratic Primary):
District 2: Calvin Harris (ST)

School Board – Hillsborough:
District 2: Candy Olson (TT)
District 4: Jennifer Faliero (TT)
District 6: Ken Allen (TT)

School Board – Hillsborough:
District 2: Candy Olson (ST)
District 4: Jennifer Faliero (ST)
District 6: April Griffin (ST)

School Board – Manatee:
District 1: Barbara Harvey (SH, BH)
District 3: Jane Pfeilsticker (SH, BH)
District 4: Bob Gause (SH); Joe Miller (BH)
District 5: Walter Miller (SH, BH)

School Board – Polk:
District 5: Kay Fields (LL)

School Board – Pinellas:
District 2: Nancy Bostock (ST)
District 3: Peggy O’Shea (ST)
District 6: Linda Lerner (ST)
District 7: Mary Brown (ST)

School Board – Sarasota:
District 1: Carol Todd (SH)
District 2: Caroline Zucker (SH)
District 4: Shirley Brown (SH)
District 5: Kathy Kleinlein (SH)

Judges – 6th Circuit:
Group 9: Christine Helinger (ST)
Group 32: Pat Siracusa (ST)
Group 45: Jack Day (ST)

Judges – 10th Circuit:
Group 27: Ernest Jones (LL)
Group 28: Nathaniel White (LL)

Judges – 12th Circuit:
Group 13: Lee Haworth (SH, BH)
Group 16: Donna Berlin (SH, BH)
Group 21: Rochelle Taylor Curley (SH, BH)

Judges – 13th Circuit:
Group 25: Robert Foster, Jr (TT, ST)
Group 32: Bernard Silver (TT); Caroline Tesche (ST)
Group 43: Paul Jeske (TT); Kimberly Fernandez (ST)
Group 44: Emily Peacock (TT, ST)
Group 45: Gary Dolgin (TT, ST)

Judges – Polk County:
Group 3: Steve Pincket (LL)
Group 10: Dan Ratterree (LL)

Judges – Pinellas County:
Group 16: Lorraine Kelly (ST)
Group 17: Nat Kidder (ST)

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