Creative Loafing Picks State of Sunshine as Best New Political Blog

The Weekly Planet has officially been renamed, back to it’s old name: Creative Loafing.

One of the best things CL/WP/CL has done is their Best of the Bay selections. Many people look forward to the issue, and determining if the readers were right and seeing the staff selections.

The readers gave kudos to Sticks of Fire as the Best Local Blog, with Seminole Heights and Tampa Book Buzz as runners up. I agree that SoF is the best blog, and it is one that I read quite often.

However, rather unexpectedly, the Creative Loafing staff selected State of Sunshine as Best New Political Blog:

This former USF student body president and one-time candidate has an incisive eye for the guts of political campaigning, and he brings it in every post he writes. In one, Johnson broke down the current Florida legislature races. In another, he gave a behind-the-scenes account of how John Carassas won a House seat against a better-financed opponent in 2002. This is serious inside-baseball, political junkie stuff, but even though Johnson is a Republican, he doesn’t let ideology get in the way of ’splaining some politics. Read the Times’ Buzz blog to get the breaking political news; read The State of Sunshine to figure out what it means. Unfortunately, Johnson is on hiatus from the blog while working a new job, but his anonymous replacement has been pretty good, too.

I know many of you enjoy the blog, almost as much as we enjoy posting stories here. But it was nice to see a little “critical acclaim” for our ramblings and ponderings.

So, on behalf of Sunshine Editor, I extend my thanks to the Creative Loafing staff – and thanks to all our loyal readers. Activity has slowed since the primary election (sorry!), but it will pick up again soon.

— Jim Johnson

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Editor and publisher of The State of Sunshine.
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  1. I’m glad you won, Jim.

  2. tommy says:

    congratulations, Jim!

    Well deserved.

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