Heading to BlogOrlando tomorrow

I will be heading to BlogOrlando tomorrow. It’s an “unconference” of bloggers from across Florida and the country. Almost 100 people will be attending – running across the spectrum of the blogosphere.

What is BlogOrlando? Well…

Hyku, in partnership with Rollins College will host this FREE event that is open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike from Florida and anywhere else (so far we have one international attendee). We hope to bring together a good cross-section of folks to discuss blogging, podcasting, public relations, social media, citizen’s journalism and other related topics.

The schedule looks promising, with sessions on Politics, Legal Issues, Corporate Blooging, PR & Blogs, “Hyperlocal” Blogging (lead by Tommy Duncan of Sticks of Fire), Tools for the blogger], Video Blogging, and Women Blogging (a mini-BlogHer).

While all of these sessions sound interesting, I will be attending the Politics, PR & Blogs, Legal Issues, Tools, and Video Blogging sessions:

Politics will be lead by Bob O’Malley of O’Blog:

There is a hotly contested Florida gubernatorial race and a number of critical local races…which candidates are blogging (or being blogged about). How have blogs impacted local and national politics? Working in public affairs and running a popular personal blog allows Bob to bridge the gap between politics and blogs.

PR & Blogs will be lead by David Parmet:

How can public relations practitioners work with the blogosphere? Those that are doing it right have found a tremendous benefit in communicating directly with their customers via blogs. Unfortunately though, some in the industry have not done it right and we all live with the consequences. PR/social media good-guy, David Parmet, will lead this discussion. It might just be PR people in the room, or perhaps we’ll have a mixture of bloggers & PR folks and have a conversation about the relationship between PR and blogs.

Legal Issues will be lead by Andrea Weckerle:

… this session gives us an opportunity to cover some important areas, such as whether bloggers are considered journalists and if so, what legal protections they may have; libel & slander (and the role of satire); how to protect against liability regarding blog comments left by other people, and so on. And if we have time, we can also talk about what conflict management approaches, short of using cease and desist letters or initiating other legal action, may be open to bloggers.

Video Blogging will be lead by Vlad Mazek:

Join us for a 30 minute crash course in video blogging from getting started to best practice. Then talk and listen about how it can make sense for you both personally and professionally. Compared to blogging, video blogging is very much in its infancy and the only limit is your creativity. We will discuss the costs involved in creation, editing recommendations, publishing options, promotion and communication.

Tools will be lead by Andrew Odom & Mark Jaquith:

What blogging platform do you use? Why? What other tools help you blog? Flickr, Evoca, Qumana? This sharing session well expose best practices and tips & tricks that can benefit everyone.

This will be an interesting conference, where I hope to learn more about blogging to improve The State of Sunshine. I won’t be blogging from the conference, but hope to provide a quick recap over the weekend.

– Jim

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