Honoring Laura Angilletta

Our loyal readers may recall that, in rememberance of 9/11, I participated in the 2,996 Project – honoring Laura Angilletta, a victim of the attacks.

When I posted the tribute, I wasn’t sure if her friends and family would find my blog, or appreciate my attempt to honor her memory. Today, I received this email:


I just wanted to thank you for the work you did around the 11th honoring Laura. All she did that day was go to work. I ran into an old friend the other day and she told me about it. I got around to looking it up tonight.

Laura was humble so she wouldn’t have approved. But in my opinion, it helps keep her alive, or at least her spirit alive. And I know you worked hard on it and I applaud your dedication. Plus I appreciate how you left so many other links to websites where Laura can receive rightful tributes.

No one misses her as much as [her sister] Marie. They had an unbelievable relationship. I’ve been wearing a bracelet for years and I’m often asked about her. I will continue to speak highly of her, the absolute angel she was. But now I will also mention you and the message of Laura that you have helped greatly send out.

Thank you for your dedication,


It made me both happy to know that I was able to honor Laura in a positive way and sad to know that her loss is felt so deeply by many other people. I replied to Miles with this email:


Thank you for your kind words. I feel I was able to get to know Laura, in a small way, through the little bit of research I did to prepare the tribute. Although I did not personally know any of the victims, by participating in the 2,996 Project and honoring Laura – I feel as though I did.

Now, after preparing that tribute, when I watch programs about that day, I think of her and her friends and family. I say a prayer for them, to assuage their grief and asking God to remind them that she is with Him, watching over them. From the tributes to Laura I read, I know she and her sister (Marie) were close, and it saddens me to know that bond, while still strong, can not be continued in this physical world.

Laura might not have approved of the attention, yet I feel we all need to realize that 9-11 didn’t happen to faceless, namless people. If my tribute to her can make even one person continue to remember this senseless act, then I know I have been successful; let them not be forgotten.

Again, thank you for your kinds words. Please let everyone know that I share their sorrow for Laura’s loss – even from afar. May she always be remembered for the joy she brought into so many people’s lives.


Jim Johnson
Tampa, Florida

I hope the rest of the 2,996 Project tribute’s were as well received – and that we all remember the lives lost that tragic day.

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