New York City to Ban Fats…

As a preface, I realize that some of you may ask what does this have to do with Florida politics. Well, New York City was among the first places in the country to ban in-door smoking. That effort moved around the country, eventually passing as a citizen’s initiative here in Florida.

Moreover, when the implementing legislation was being debated, opponents said, “What’s next? Banning fat?” Apparently so.

The New York City Health Department has proposed regulations that would ban all transfats from the city’s food service establishments. The New York Times is reporting:

The New York City Board of Health voted unanimously yesterday to move forward with plans to prohibit the city’s 20,000 restaurants from serving food that contains more than a minute amount of artificial trans fats, the chemically modified ingredients considered by doctors and nutritionists to increase the risk of heart disease.

The board, which is authorized to adopt the plan without the consent of any other agency, did not take that step yesterday, but it set in motion a period for written public comments, leading up a public hearing on Oct. 30 and a final vote in December.

Yesterday’s initiative appeared to ensure that the city would eventually take some formal action against artificial trans fats. If approved, the proposal voted on yesterday by the Board of Health would make New York the first large city in the country to strictly limit such fats in restaurants.

Could we expect the same here? The American Heart Association was part of the alliance for the smoking amendment – and transfats have been shown to have a significant relationships with heart disease. And it is already moving across the country, again from the Times: “Chicago is considering a similar prohibition affecting restaurants with less than $20 million in annual sales.”

Smoking. Transfats. It’s looking more and more like the San Angeles Metroplex from Demolition Man — where everything that is bad for you is illegal — is slowling coming true.

Be well. Or else.

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4 Responses to New York City to Ban Fats…

  1. I can’t tell if you’re supporting this or not; but I gotta say – it’s a good idea. Transfats should not be used in our meals. They are that dangerous.

    Next we’re gonna work on removing Teflon from our children’s clothes. Laugh if you will, but seven years ago my co-workers thought I was nuts for removing partially hydrogenated oils from my diet and look where we are now.

    I’m so ahead of my time.

  2. Stacy says:

    Yes, the answer is ALWAYS more regulations and big govt telling us peons what is good for us. 1984 has come true, on the D side of the aisle.

    Please Please Please Democrats, continue to talk down to us plebes who cannot tie our shoes without a govt program to instruct us in how to do that.

    If this broad is an example of the teachers in the Florida schools, then my kids will be better in private school.

  3. Oh, poor poor Stacy. So insecure and angry.

    Yes, please, do us all a favor and keep your kids sheltered from the real world. Then in a few years they, too, can deal with an inferiority complex and limpiness issues.

    Err… I mean wimpiness. My bad.

  4. Stacy says:

    Oh yes Cathy, since you don’t know me at all, you have me figured out sooooooo well.

    Please tell us angry and insecure souls how big govt will save America from Big Transfats. If it is as intellectual as other Dem/lib arguments, I will be able to poke holes in it with ease.

    Otherwise, I don’t comment on your parenting, so stay out of mine.

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