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Amendment Profiles: # 6 & # 7

There are two anti-tax amendments on the ballot: Amendment 6 would allow local governments to double the homestead exemption; Amendment 7 would provide a property tax cut to partially disabled veterans equal to their degree of disability, if the disability … Continue reading

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Amendment Profile: # 4

In 1998, Florida began the Florida Youth Tobacco Control Program which spawned the “truth” commercials, funded with the proceeds of the settlement of the state’s lawsuit against tobacco companies. Media reports have shown that these edgy commercials have helped curb … Continue reading

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The First Crist Davis Debate

Tonight was the first of two gubernatorial debates between Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist and Democrat Congressman Jim Davis. (Reform Party candidate Max Linn was denied participation by an appeals court earlier today.) Although both Davis and Crist seemed to … Continue reading

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Amendment Profile: # 1

Senator Tom Lee, current candidate for Chief Financial Officer, began talking a few years ago about the lack of long-term budgeting by the state of Florida. He felt that, given the cyclical nature of Florida’s economy, budgeting year-to-year causes significant … Continue reading

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