Florida Senate Commercials – Gorham, Berfield, Justice

There are two important open state senate seats here in Hillsborough County. In District 10, Republican County Commissioner Ronda Storms faces first time candidate Democrat Stephen Gorham.

In the race, the Florida Democratic Party is running an ad supporting Gorham, but the word Democrat only appears in the fine print at the end. The interesting things we found were the graphics calling Gorham “Conservative”, “Pro-Gun”, “Pro-Life,” and “Against Amnesty”. You could almost believe he was a Republican. (He put the ad on Google Video.)

We have not seen any ads for Ronda Storms, either during the primary or the general. She also doesn’t have any posted on her website. Of course, she probably doesn’t need them. Storms is very popular in the district, because of her hard work on the county commission, and is running against an unknown. She will win, but it will be interesting to see how close Gorham can come.

The Berfield-Justice race, however, has been very active. The Republican Party has run several ads attacking Justice and Justice has run an ad attacking Berfield. Both attack the other for ties to the insurance industry. We here at the State of Sunshine are waiting for the positive, pro-candidate ads… but we may not get it. Media reports have indicated that the race is closer than it should be (it’s been a Republican district since 1992). Given that this used to be Charlie Crist’s Senate seat, we think the edge goes to Berfield.

As of now, we have also seen commercials for Phyllis “Bulldozer” Busanski, Gus Bilirakis (very cute commericials with his kids), Vern Buchanan, Christine Jennings, Charlie Crist, Al Higginbotham, and Bill Nelson. I wonder if the last week will be all political commercials all the time.

With 33 days until the election, the commercials will only get more interesting from here out.

Some people will be giving thanks for TiVo.

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One Response to Florida Senate Commercials – Gorham, Berfield, Justice

  1. Robert C. says:

    I’ve noticed that the Berfield – Justice race has been moved by the Cook Political Report from “likely Republican” to “toss up”.

    Storms doesn’t need to spend the money on ads, seeing that she should win by a fairly good margin.

    And I’ve seen Jim Davis’ two ads. They are issue oriented, but at only 15 seconds each, will anyone really notice them?

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