Democrats: Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

Over at Pushing Rope, Michael took issue with our recent post on the anger of Democratic candidates:

Ofcourse, Fox News and conservative talk radio are just calm and rational. … Now let’s pit [sic] the angry Democrat talking points to rest.

We never said that conservatives were “calm and rational” … just that the Democrats sound angry in person this year, something that is lost when translating into direct mail pieces, MSM stories, and campaign commercials.

The State of Sunshine believes that pushing the anger button will work well at the federal level, where enough Americans are angry about the war in Iraq. It’s part of why the Democrats are reasonably poised to gain control of both houses of Congress.

Our real issue is the Democrats’ obsessant pessimism — things may not be perfect, heck from some points of view things could be awful — but why remind the voters of how bad things are? It’s not a good message when you sound like a nattering nabob of negativity (kudos to Bill Safire for coining the term used by Spiro Agnew during Watergate).

Optimism works. See Clinton, Bill. Pessimism doesn’t. See Kerry, John.

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