Blogosphere Reports on Harris – Nelson Debate

The State of Sunshine thought Harris won the debate.

Mustang Boggy at Bark Bark Woof Woof has a live blogging post, calling it a toss up.

Mr. G at PEER Review Florida was impressed with Harris.

Laura Fiorilli at The Politial Safari called both Harris and Nelson stuffed shirts.

Michael Hussey at Pushing Rope agreed with Mustang Bobby’s assesment of Nelson’s vote on the detainee bill.

Robert C at Insterstate 4 Jamming called the debate a draw.

Given that this was on at 8:00pm on Monday night on Public Television, the ratings were probably not that high. Hopefully there weren’t too many people who dying of the pure boredom that was this debate. Thankfully, there are only 14 days left until election day.

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