Blogosphere on the Crist-Davis Debate…

We at the State of Sunshine posted our thoughts on the debate. Crist won, but barely – only because he came across a little more hopeful and friendly.

Robert C at Interstate 4 Jamming was disappointed that Crist and Davis spent more time attacking each other than answering the questions posed to them.

Mark Lane at Flablog thinks neither candidate won, but both improved from their primary debate performances.

Laura Fiorilli at Political Safari says the candidates were prepared and not too stiff.

Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof called the debate a “Cliche Festival” because both candidates stayed so well on message.

Kate Robinson at Out in Left Field, a proud and avid Davis supporter, called the debate a clear win for Davis.

Alan Setelius at Hernando County Concerned Citizens, on the other hand, called the debate a clear win for Crist.

Over at In Theory, they provide what Laura Fiorilli called “a stream-of-consciousness” review of the debate – which is what happens when you live blog.

Alachuapolitix called it a draw and started an open thread.

Interesting to see how bloggers view this debate.

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One Response to Blogosphere on the Crist-Davis Debate…

  1. Joel says:

    To be fair to those that live-blog debates, they’re not normally reduced to talking about food and the moderator’s love life.

    I’m unsure of what type of relevant analysis I could provide, so I thought I’d provide a likely accurate portrayal of what the average voter was thinking during the debate.

    Of course, a lot of them probably didn’t watch the whole thing, if any of it.

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