National Race by Race Analysis… U.S. Senate

Earlier, the State of Sunshine posted it’s prediction that the Democrats will take control of the United States Senate. To give you a guide to the elections, I have taken six national tracking sites and listed the top 9 races – 7 Republican seats and 2 Democratic seats.

This is a lot of information to read, but I wanted you to see how these pundits saw the races (links to their sites are listed below). Here is a quick codes to the races:

TU = Toss up
LeR = Leaning Republican; LiR = Likely Republican; SaR = Safe Republican
LeD = Leaning Democratic; LiD = Likely Democratic; SaD = Safe Democratic

As you can, look at the colors of the boxes… yellow is used to denote toss up races, with shades of red for Republicans and shades of blue for Democrats.

Finally, you may want to print this page and use it on election night.

So, I present to you a rundown of 9 seats in the U.S. Senate — a chart you can only find on the State of Sunshine (which makes me wish I had done this weeks ago):

State Rep Dem WP Sab CQP Roth Cook NYT
MD Michael Steele Ben Cardin LeD LeD LeD LeD TU LeD
MO Sen. Jim Tallent (i) Claire McKaskill TU TU TU LeD TU TU
MT Sen. Conrad Burns (i) Jon Tester TU LeD LeD LeD TU TU
NJ Tom Kean, Jr Sen. Bob Menendez (i) LeD TU TU LeD TU LeD
OH Sen. Mike DeWine (i) Sherrod Brown LeD LiD LeD LiD LeD LeD
PA Sen. Rick Santorum (i) Bob Casey LeD SaD LeD LiD LeD LeD
RI Sen. Lincoln Chafee (i) Sheldon Whitehouse TU LeD LeD LeD TU LeD
TN Bob Corker Harold Ford LeR LeR TU TU TU LeR
VA Sen. George Allen (i) Jim Webb TU TU TU LeD TU TU
WP = Washington Post
Sab = Larry Sabato
CQP = CQ Politics
Roth = Stu Rothenberg
Cook = Charlie Cook (PDF)
NYT = New York Times

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