Senate Still Up In The Air, Redux

As the State of Sunshine — and so many other pundits — predicted, the Democrats have taken control of the United States House of Representatives. This brings up four words that will make conservatives shudder: Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Before the election, the State of Sunshine posted a chart showing 79 key races. Below is a summary of those races. The results used were from the MSNBC website. This post will be updated as the other races are called.

The net gain for Democrats is still +4. But the Democratic candidate is still barely winning in the last two states. If these all hold true, the Democrats take control of the Senate 51-49.

State Rep Dem
MD Michael Steele Ben Cardin HELD
MO Sen. Jim Tallent (i) Claire McKaskill FLIPPED
MT Sen. Conrad Burns (i) Jon Tester T.B.A.
NJ Tom Kean, Jr Sen. Bob Menendez (i) HELD
OH Sen. Mike DeWine (i) Sherrod Brown FLIPPED
PA Sen. Rick Santorum (i) Bob Casey FLIPPED
RI Sen. Lincoln Chafee (i) Sheldon Whitehouse FLIPPED
TN Bob Corker Harold Ford HELD
VA Sen. George Allen (i) Jim Webb T.B.A.

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