Next Up: City of Tampa Elections – March 6, 2007

In less than four months, the voters in the City of Tampa will be among the next group to cast ballots. Typically most voters ignore municipal elections — which is ironic given that the Mayor and City Council have a more direct impact on our daily lives than our Congressional and State representatives.

So, the State of Sunshine will keep tabs on these local candidates. The Supervisor of Elections has a list of currently announced candidates:

Marion Serious Lewis
, a Captain with the Tampa Police Department, and Arthur Richardson, III are the only official candidates for Mayor; however, we fully expect Pam Iorio to run for re-election. Former mayor Dick Greco has also been urged to consider running again.

In District 1, a city-wide district, Councilwoman Gwen Miller is running for re-election, facing Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association President Randy Baron and South Tampa real estate investor Julie Jenkins.

In District 2, a city-wide district, Councilman Shawn Harrison has filed for the seat vacated by County Commissioner-elect Rose Ferlita. The City Council will appoint an interim council member, and they are looking for someone who will only serve out the term. Councilman Harrison currently represents District 7, but has reached his term limit in that district.

In District 3, the last city-wide district, Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena is running for re-election. No opponent has filed as of today.

In District 4, a South Tampa district (see map below), Councilman John Dingfelder is running for re-election against two opponents: for City of Tampa assistant attorney Julie Brown and Joseph V. Citro, a special hearing master and member of the Civil Service Board. Dingfelder ran for County Commission as a Democrat in 2002 before being elected to City Council in 2003.

In District 5, the East Tampa district vacated by County Commissioner-elect Kevin White, has drawn Frank A. Reddick and Joe Robinson. Robinson ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for Supervisor of Elections in 2000 and without party affiliation for School Board in 2004. Reddick is President of the Northview Hills Civic Association in East Tampa. The City Council will appoint an interim council member, and they are looking for someone who will only serve out the term.

In District 6, the West Tampa district held by term-limited Mary Alvarez, former State Representative Bob Bob “Coach” Henriquez has filed to run.

Finally, in District 7, the New Tampa district, New Tampa businessman Joseph P. Caetano, New Tampa Community Council President Frank J. Margarella , and activist Terrance Ryerson Lee Neal have filed for the open seat.

The State of Sunshine will keep tabs as best we can on these races. As candidates develop websites or we see news reports, we will try to post it here.

Map of City Council Districts
(1, 2, & 3 are city-wide)

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