The Blogosphere is Quiet on RNC Chair Mel (UPDATED)

Well, almost quiet.

Yesterday, we posted our thoughts about the selection of Mel Martinez as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. We are concerned that it may not have been the best selection.

Apparently, so do a lot of other conservative bloggers. Michelle Malkin wonders if “the GOP has learned anything” from the elections. Mary Katherine Ham is “thoroughly demoralized” with the selection — “Not only is this guy not a terribly distinguished Senator, but his pick is a transparent little identity politics stunt.” Thomas, a RedState blogger, has taken to calling our Senator “Bonehead” Martinez. At Blogs of War and at the Alabama Liberation Front there are good summaries of conservative bloggers reactions. PEER Review Florida thinks that Jeb Bush would be a better chairman.

However, on the liberal blogs – at least those that are discussing the move – they seem to like the idea of Mel Martinez as RNC Chairman. DailyKos notes the split, where Martinez serves as front-man while Mike Duncan will run the day-to-day operations, puts the Republicans at a severe disadvantage. (He also calls some Republicans xenophobic ethnocentrists, meaning his selection could hurt some of the more “white bread” Republican base.) Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof has some concern, as a Florida liberal, with the selection — but comes around when he sees that conservatives have problems.

So, when conservatives don’t like something and liberals do, can anyone tell us why this is a good thing??

UPDATE: Here are some additional comments on Mel Martinez’:

The Campaign Manager doubts Martinez’ effectiveness. The Tallahassee Sentinel (a new conservative blog) is not impressed with this start to the GOP reorganization. PEER Review Florida has posted again, telling conservatives not to worry about Mel’s conservative credentials. The Carpetbagger Report is also critical of the selection of Martinez.

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  1. I love the choice. You also know that Trent Lott is running for Minority Whip. Good times and good comedy material for me.

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