Applicants for City of Tampa Vacancies

Sorry if we’re a little late on this, as Sticks of Fire and Seminole Heights have both posted about today’s news. Fifty-two people have applied for the City Council vacancies created when Kevin White and Rose Ferlita ran for county commission. However there are some candidates for both seats we at State of Sunshine find interesting.

For Rose Ferlita’s city-wide district:

Joseph Citro, in addition to being hair stylist and member of the city’s code enforcement and civil service boards, he is a candidate for Kevin White’s seat in the March 2007 elections.

Jill Collins, who is a former chair of the Barrio Latino Commission, vice chair of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, and who lost a bid for State Representative against Kevin Ambler in 2002.

Neil Cosentino, a retired Air Force major and perennial candidate for office.

Bob Henriquez, former state representative, football coach at Tampa Catholic, and candidate for Mary Alvarez’ West Tampa District 6 seat.

For Kevin White’s East Tampa seat:

Warren Hope Dawson, former assistant city attorney who lost a bid for State Representative to Betty White.

Frank Reddick, executive board member of the East Tampa Partnership and Joseph Robinson, professional engineer — both are the current candidates for District 5 in the March 2007 election.

The City Council has said they want to select people who will not run for re-election in the March elections, which would seemingly disqualify Citro, Henriquez, Reddick, and Robinson.

The selection will be made at the November 30th City Council meeting.

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