A Look Inside Taxi Regulations

Tim Fasano, cab driver and blogger of Tampa Taxi Shots fame, often talks about taxi-business issues on his blog. Because of this, he has become an unofficial leader of the cab community. If you have time, add his blog to your reading list.

He pointed out today that he was quoted in the St. Petersburg Times article about a controversy brewing in Hillsborough County. Taxis in Hillsborough are not regulated by the county or city government, but by a “special district” called the Public Transportation Commission.

The PTC was created by a special act of the Florida Legislature to ensure a viable taxi industry. Tim gave a great post earlier this month talking about how the system works. There needs to be a balance on the number of taxis to make sure that each taxi company, and their drivers, is able to both provide adequate service while making enough money to survive.

However, the current controversy is about the actions of the PTC Director, Greg Cox, and the applications submitted by a new company for new permits to serve the growing community. Some are alleging that Cox prefers the new company to local companies who already operate here.

The article, and Tim’s posts, are interesting reads.

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One Response to A Look Inside Taxi Regulations

  1. Federico Penda says:

    There is a gypsy cab working out of my condo here in Ft. Lauderdale. I have warned him repeatedly about operating without the proper license and insurance but he continues to take passengers (mostly elderly retirees) to-from doctor appointments, shopping, airport, etc. On numerous occasions he has overcharged his passengers, refused to give change for a large bill and has threatened to leave them stranded if they refuse top pay his exhorbitant fees. Although the condo association has by-laws restricting commercial businesses from operating in the condo building, it is apparent that the condo management is working in tandem with this person and perhaps taking kick-back in return for allowing him to continue his operation.

    I’ve reached my limit and have decided to turn this guy in. Who do I contact in order to file a complaint against this malicious amd blood-sucking gypsy?

    A reply by e-mail at your earliest would be greatly appreciated.



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