Florida Leiglsature – Week in Preview

This week, the Florida Legislature will be holding “interim” committee meetings. As these are the first meetings since the 2006 election, those House and Senate committees that are meeting are only having informal discussions.

This is typical for the first week. Committees will introduce their staff members, perhaps hear staff presentations on studies (“interim projects”) conducted since the last legislative sessions. Many committees invite the departments within their purview to give overview presentations. In all, these are rather boring weeks.

The State of Sunshine will attempt to provide a Sunday breakdown with some keen insight about the week ahead from now through the end of the legislative session. (As we approach the end of the session, however, it gets to be more difficult to give such notice.) We will also provide a brief week in review synopsis at the end of the week.

So, for this week, there isn’t much to report. Next week, we will try to breakdown the property insurance special session.

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