Affari Edge Announces New Hire: Jim Johnson, Director of Public Strategies

Affari Edge, LLC
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For Immediate Release
January 22, 2006

Affari Edge Announces New Hire:
Jim Johnson, Director of Public Strategies

TAMPA, Florida – Affari Edge, a full-service advertising agency, announced today the hiring of Jim Johnson as Director of Public Strategies. He will be responsible for working with clients to develop and implement traditional and non-traditional public relations campaigns.

“With Jim’s background,” said Affari Edge managing partner Wendy Robbins, “we knew he would be an asset to our company and our clients. He brings an added dimension to Affari Edge, helping our clients with expanded services. Jim’s public relations knowledge will give our customers a greater edge as they grow their businesses.”

Prior to joining Affari Edge, Johnson worked in politics for nearly a decade, switching between Legislative staff and campaign consulting. He also served as Director of External Relations and Project Manager for a Tampa-based software development company. Johnson received his Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of South Florida, where he also served as Student Body President.

“We are excited about expanding our public relations services,” added David Sizemore, operating partner in Affari Edge. “Our client companies realize that growing their customer base involves all aspects outreach: both advertising and public relations. Jim’s experience and expertise will go a long way to help them achieve their business goals.”

Affari Edge is a full-service advertising agency offering a comprehensive range of advertising and public relations services. Affari Edge is made up of creative gurus, with extensive business experience, from small business ownership to leading different aspects of some of the largest empires in corporate America. The mix of business background with creative expertise leads to superior results. Affari means business.

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About Jim Johnson

Editor and publisher of The State of Sunshine.
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  1. Bruce Cotton says:

    Congrats Jim!

  2. Joel says:

    Sounds like a prime gig – good for you.

  3. Bob says:

    Jim, congratulations on your new job.

  4. Mr. G says:


  5. tommyduncn says:

    congratulations! wonderful news.

  6. Jim Johnson says:

    Thank you everyone. This is a wonderful opportunity. If anyone is looking for advertising, marketing, or public relation services (or knows someone who is), point ’em my way!!

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