State of Sunshine Supports Shawn Harrison for City Council

Okay. So I know my recommendation doesn’t carry the weight of, say, the Tampa Tribune. Not to mention that I can’t even vote in the city elections.

However, I do want to say that I support Shawn Harrison for City Council, District 2. I think he has done a great job representing District 7 for the last seven years. His conservative approach to issues facing the city, from economic development to transportation, provides a pragmatic voice when too often city leaders dream of pies in the sky.

For those who live in the City of Tampa, I strongly urge you to consider voting for Shawn Harrison for District 2.

For anyone who also supports Councilman Harrison’s bid, he will be having a fund raiser next week:

Please join your hosts
Rhea Law, Andrea Zelman, Ron Noble, Erin Larrinaga, Kari Souders and Bill Bishop
For drinks and hors d’oeuvres
In support of the campaign for Tampa City Councilman
Shawn Harrison
Candidate for City Council
City-Wide Seat District 2
Wednesday, February 7th 2007
5:30 – 7:30 P.M.

the offices of Fowler, White, Boggs, Banker, P.A.
501 E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1700
Tampa, FL 33602


Please RSVP
By email (preferred) to
or call 813-769-7677
Suggested contribution level $500
Maximum contribution of $500 per person or entity are permitted under Florida law
PAC, Personal, & Corporate checks are accepted
Please make checks payable to Shawn Harrison Campaign
Online contributions may be made at

Pd. Pol. Adv. Paid for and approved by Shawn Harrison for Tampa City Council, District 2, Non-Partisan

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4 Responses to State of Sunshine Supports Shawn Harrison for City Council

  1. Frank Bell says:

    I have never heard of Shawn Harrison until I saw he was running for ‘re-election’ to this new seat. The problem he will have is that Mary Mulhern is too well organized for him to stand a chance. He may have the money — but South and West Tampa supervoters will come out and support Mary. She will probably do well in East tampa even though there will be far less voters compared to South and West — and as far as North Tampa is concerned my gut feeling is they will split their vote just like they did with Charlie Christ. North Tampa voters is also the smallest group of voters compared to the other three. Low voter turnout is why Mary will win. It is my humble opinion that she will be more of an asset to the council than Harrison has been and will be….but we’ll see how she does.

  2. Jim Johnson says:

    The problem is that fewer people have heard of Mulhern than Harrison. You are right that New Tampa voters don’t come out and that South Tampa voters tend to control city-wide elections.

    However, Shawn has greater name recognition, which is an important distinction in low-tunrout elections. I think he will win by at least 54%-46%.

  3. voxpopuli says:

    Oh my, this is an unfortunate choice, IMO.

    More research on Mr. Harrison, please.

  4. Frank Bell says:

    I did some “polling” of my own this weekend:

    I asked 38 people:

    2 People knew who Shawn Harrison is
    12 People knew who Mary Mulhern is

    24 People said they aren’t voting and/or don’t care

    This was over 2 days at two seperate gatherings. A party in Harbour Island and a superbowl party in New Tampa.

    I don’t think you are correct in saying Shawn has greater name recognition —

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