Joining Sticks of Fire

Tommy Duncan at Sticks of Fire has asked me to join the list of contributors at his great blog. Sticks is a fellow Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Award winner – winning the reader’s choice for Best Local Blog.

Over at Sticks, I will be posting on local politics, including many of the posts from here at State of Sunshine. Today, Tommy introduced me to the Sticks of Fire gang:

Sticks of Fire knows all politics is local. Jim Johnson knows politics. It only makes sense to find a way to combine these two so we can all learn more, and be better informed about local politics. Say hi to Jim Johnson

If you want to learn more about what makes Jim qualified to discuss and opine on local and state politics, check out Jim’s extended biography here on sticks, or his award-winning blog, The State of Sunshine.

Thanks for the invitation, Tommy. State of Sunshine readers should make sure to add Sticks of Fire to their list of blogs to read every day.

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Editor and publisher of The State of Sunshine.
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2 Responses to Joining Sticks of Fire

  1. Mr. Bill says:

    Welcome to the Sticks of Fire blog ! Looking forward to some great stuff !

  2. Bob says:

    Sticks of Sunshine. Both your blog and Tommy’s empire are among my favorites.

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