Julie Brown, John Dingfelder, and the P.B.A.

According to the Tampa Tribune, the Police Benevolent Association – the labor union representing the good law enforcement officers with the Tampa Police Department – endorsed Julie Brown in her campaign against incumbent City Councilman John Dingfelder.

This should not be a surprise. The PBA has long opposed Dingfelder – he was the only member of the City Council to vote against a change to the Tampa Police and Fire Pension Fund. (It was mildly controversial because the change affected current employees and those in the DROP program — but not officers who were already retired.)

He voted against the union, and they started shopping for an opponent. Julie Brown is a good candidate – a former City Attorney, so she isn’t completely new to local government.

I have not heard of any candidate forums for District 4, but I expect that Brown will give Dingfelder quite the fight. She already has an impressive list of endorsements and supporters on her side.

She is also managing to hold her own in fundraising against Dingfelder — an important measure of broader support in the community. And her campaign consultants, Strategic Solutions, are among the best in the local industry.

Dingfelder has a tough fight on his hands.

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2 Responses to Julie Brown, John Dingfelder, and the P.B.A.

  1. voxpopuli says:

    Where her money comes from is a huge concern. Looks like someone is trying to buy themselves some control of the city. (big surprise there) I’m not necessarily FOR Dingfelder but I’m definitely NOT for julie brown. Yikes.
    I read her bio , her history and her contributions and that was enough to tell the tale. Not only that, when she posts her campaign signs they are way over the top (reminding me of someone else) It’s just .. over the top.

    The police are being sued over that pension plan and how the contributions are tied through the insurance companies to the # of tickets they have issued. I’m sure you are familiar with Orban bs City of Tampa. It needed to be done. And officers have come forward.
    Neither of those endorsements earn my personal respect but there was a time they meant something.

    Reading Ms. Brown’s history as a realtor, atty for city development and involvement with the community development agencies is enough to make me very wary. Enough people are being forced out of their homes and one more developer’s pet on the council isn’t really what we need.
    Nix on Julie Brown.

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