Quick Post on Presidential Primaries…

Earlier this week, I posted that I thought the free-for-all with every state trying to get to the head of the pack was a bad idea.

Larry Sabato has said the same thing:

If the job of scheduling the presidential nominating contests were assigned to an insane asylum, this is pretty much what the patients would come up with.

Reform is much needed, but it isn’t going to happen for 2008. The system is out of control, and no entity with a national perspective is in charge–not the Congress, not the political parties. Individual states are ruling the roost, doing what they think is in their interests. The national interest is barely an afterthought.

Let me say that I prefer a national solution, as I noted in my earlier post.   However, barring that, Florida should not single itself out by not acting when others are acting.  If the other states want to be selfish, so should Florida.

It may upset the DNC, but I like the way even Florida Democrats are behind this measure:

Democratic national chairman Howard Dean is lobbying local party leaders to resist moving up Florida’s 2008 presidential primary, but he’s not having much success.

Dean is resisting a Republican-led effort in Florida to move the primary from early March to Feb. 5 or one week after New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, whichever is sooner.

Dean, the party leader and 2004 presidential candidate, phoned Miami Beach Rep. Dan Gelber, the House Democratic leader, who backs an earlier primary.

“I didn’t want to get in a game of chicken with the national Democratic Party, but candidly, I don’t represent Howard Dean,” Gelber said. “I represent a lot of people who would like to be in the primary journey as more than just potential contributors.” (St. Petersburg Times)

So, while I prefer and hope that Florida could lead the reform effort, I don’t hold the hope for that.  Instead, I will take the consolation prize of being able to vote in a primary that might actually mean something.

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