Yet Another Reason I am Glad I live in Florida

Oswego NY
(Paul Scot photo – taken from Oswego Palladium Times)

I grew up in the suburbs of Rochester, New York. We would get lake effect snow every winter. Nothing like what Oswego and other parts of New York have received in the past week. One area has already received 97 inches of snow – that’s more than eight feet!

The New York Times has a good article describing the situation:

For the sixth straight day, powerful squalls of snow pounded a string of towns and villages along eastern Lake Ontario yesterday, burying parts of upstate New York, shutting down highways, schools and government offices, and blanketing homes in layers of snow that at times came down as fast as five inches an hour.

By last night, strong gusts of wind that had been blowing since Saturday had deposited more than six feet of snow in towns and villages throughout Oswego County, and weather forecasters were predicting that many of those areas would be hit by at least two more feet of snow by the end of this weekend.

As emergency crews struggled yesterday to clear roads and dig out stranded motorists, Gov. Eliot Spitzer declared a state of emergency in and around Oswego County.

One of the hardest-hit areas was the city of Oswego, a community of 17,800 people about 40 miles northwest of Syracuse that as of last night had been buried in more than 72 inches of snow. Schools were closed all week, the streets were lined with snowbanks 12 feet high, and whiteouts forced the state police to temporarily close a 15-mile stretch of Interstate 81.

I spent too many years in the snow.  Today’s forecast in Tampa: 75 degrees and plenty of sunshine.

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