Trib & Times Endorsements for the City Council

With a hat tip to Seminole Heights Blog, I wanted to give everyone the candidate endorsements from the Tampa Tribune and St. Petersburg Times.  It turns out they support the same list of candidates:

  • District 1 – Randy Baron
  • District 2 – Mary Mulhern
  • District 4 – John Dingfelder
  • District 5 – Tom Scott
  • District 6 – Charlie Miranda
  • District 7 – Frank Margarella

They give their explanations, and I disagree with a lot of them.  If I were a voter in the City, here would be my list:

  • District 1 – Randy Baron (He is clearly a smart, artciulate, visionary thinker who will help move the city forward.)
  • District 2 – Shawn Harrison (His conservative philosophy will help keep city spending in check.)
  • District 4 – Julie Brown (Seriously, how can a sitting politician ask a constitutent for a campaign donation during a discussion about official city business? What kind of ethics is that?)
  • District 5 – Tom Scott (The Reverend, while a Democrat, did a good job on the County Commission.  His past experience will help the city as it tries to work with the county on regional issues.)
  • District 6 – Charlie Miranda (His past experience on the City Council will help provide stability).
  • District 7 – Joseph Caetano (He is an independent thinker who will get into the nitty-gritty of details.)

It will be interesting to see how the voters see these races.

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7 Responses to Trib & Times Endorsements for the City Council

  1. Tom Scott is a DINO. I wish Norwood was still blogging He used to go category 5 on Scott.

  2. voxpopuli says:

    Then I wish he were still blogging, too. I remember things that bother me. The whole front page of the Trib was devoted to one such scott moment…
    Please see above and my addl comments at Sticks of Fire …

  3. Cam says:

    “No race on the ballot presents a clearer choice for Tampa’s future…the Times recommends Mary Mulhern District 2 (citywide).”

    Shawn Who? has done NOTHING in 8 years on City Council. His New Tampa district is the poster child of runaway development and Bruce B. Downs is the most dangerous, overcrowded road in Hillborough. Check the list of Shawn’s record-high war chest: it’s all those developers bankrolling more of the same. We need new leadership that’s why the Trib and Times ripped Shawn and endorsed Mary Maulhern. Read them for yourself:

  4. voxpop says:

    I have a slight ….. waiver to file.

    My VERY BAD !!!

    Vote Gwen Miller or Joe Redner. Sorry Gwen !!


  5. bob says:

    Mary Mulhern – a breath of fresh air for the city of Tampa and her citizens.

    Shawn Who? has provided nothing, zip, zilch, nadda while he has “worked” or is that really a perk for we the citizens of Tampa. Time for a fresh face, fresh ideas and someone with some real “balls” who will fight for the future of our great city. Time for developers to answer to their responsibilities rather than BUYING council members.

    Go Mary Go! Cast my vote today!

  6. edseljoe says:

    I have to disagree with the endorsements on this page on two fronts – District 2 and District 3.

    Mary Mulhern is untroubled by a lack of activity (unlike the Invisible Man). She’s a small business owner who knows what it’s like to live on a budget. Shawn Harrison is a parot who talks a great game about fiscal responsibility but has done little to provide real tax reform or to actually undertake public programs that would save taxpayer monies (imagine how cheap it would have been to expand Bruce B. Downs eight years ago before petrolium went through the roof.

    In district 3, Dingfelder is still an honorable option in that race. The troubling amounts of money that Brown has received from a troublingly small number of people are indications that she is not a real representative candidate for that area.


  7. Public Servant says:

    Hey, folks, before you get all smug about Bruce B. Downs, it might interest you to know that it generally takes 8-10 years to deliver major road projects in Florida that use Federal and State funds, from the time of conception to actual completion of construction. This is due to rampant environmental rules brought about by resistance on behalf of the environmental lobby and the extensive laws protecting private property rights in Florida.

    Bruce B. Downs began preliminary design work in 2000, final design work in 2005, and has Federal funds (allocated by the MPO that Mr. Harrison chairs) for construction in 2008. It is basically on schedule. Hard to blame Harrison for 20 years of problems created by the City’s annexation of New Tampa from the County.

    While I am not a supporter of Mr. Harrison for other reasons, the facts are that he has been instrumental in allocating Federal project funding to the Bruce B. Downs widening project via his MPO charimanship. It should also be noted that all of the funding for the BBD widening is being provided by FDOT and Hillsborough County. The City of Tampa taxpayer has not contributed ONE DIME to the widening project.

    It is not factually credible to critcize Mr. Harrison for failing to obtain transportation funding for BBD. At the County we affectionately refer to the project as “that giant sucking sound”…you have Shawn to THANK for his advocacy on behalf of the BBD project. I’d recommend praise and a little gratitude for the largesse that is being lavished upon the BBD project (to the tune of approx. $ 140 million)

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