Tampa Bay Bloggers Unite!!!

Since we announced that we’re having a Tampa Bay Bloggers Meetup on Tuesday Feb 27th, I found a “Tampa/St. Pete Bloggers Meetup Group” over at Meetup.com.

They are having a get together as well, on Monday March 5th at the Panera Bread in Oldsmar (3181 Tampa Road) starting at 6:30pm. So the local blogging calendar has become quite busy… three events within six days:

  • Tuesday, February 27th, 6:00pm – Blogger Meetup – Hawks Neighborhood Grill, South Tampa
  • Saturday, March 3rd, 10:45am – Blog & Multimedia Seminar – Tampa Tribune Offices, Downtown Tampa
  • Monday, March 5th, 6:30pm – Blogger Meetup – Panera Bread, Oldsmar

I am going to try to make all three events… Should be an interesting week.

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9 Responses to Tampa Bay Bloggers Unite!!!

  1. voxpop says:

    Here I go ….. but I just call them as I see them. I will be pleased to hear the results of these meetings and was amused/interested in the last writeup of meetings and even enjoyed the photos — don’t remember where I found them — linked to somewhere.

    This is my belief: Like Congress aisle-crossers get too buddy-buddy to be effective — I believe that taking things offline tends to water down the online — DO-IT-NESS. Taking away the love of sparring with someone that you’ve buddied up to kinda dealie… you run a risk of curbing your honesty for a ‘friend’ …. or starting warfare with someone who you instantly dislike on sight …

    I’ve been to so many organizational meetings, bank board meetings, club meetings….. what I LIKE about online is people bring only what matters — their hearts and their minds. Not all the bs trappings of …. the b.s. trappings. I’ve seen enough b.s. trappings to do me forevaaa

    That said — I think some of you people are pretty cool and one of these days I may show up against my better judgment.

    Meantime, don’t form gangs and side up against those who do not attend. LOL !

    We love ya, anyway …. and we’ll KNOW.

    It’s like when you feel like you have to go to lunch with people or they’ll talk about whoever is NOT THERE. (behind their back) That’s subtle terrorism and definitely cronyism.

    Again, all that said —- I’m hungry right now and Panera sounds good —

    Hope everything that anyone decides to do is fruitful and fun.

  2. voxpop says:

    Also, maybe if the Tampa Trib, with their ‘limited staff’ spent more time on the news, I’d have more time to do lunch …..

    just sayin . …… what are they doing messing with blogs when they are failing in their own JOB???

  3. Paul says:

    Fantastic, love to see three different get-togethers…BUT, I am actually the one who started the Meet-up that is being held a Panera, and I would be more than willing to combine my group with anyone elses. I have started many successful groups through Meet-Up and have been blogging for over seven years so I just figured why not start this. Truthfully, I actually did not get in touch with many local bloggers until I actually put this out there…all I can say is that I am blessed that I am getting to know many of you!

  4. Anybody got any more specific info on the seminar? Guest speakers, itinerary, etc? Is there a cost to attend? Help a brutha out!

  5. Jim Johnson says:

    VoxPop.. I’m not so sure that meeting each other has any real effect on the debate. Quite the opposite, actually — getting to know each other offline could help us understand more of the positions we take or the things we blog about…

    Paul… I started looking at Meetup for other reasons, and found your Group. I’m glad you started it – and I think those who are interested in re-building the old Blogger Fest… (I actually hadn’t heard of it until I saw other bloggers post about both Meetups…)

    Jonathan … Sticks of Fire has info on the seminar:

  6. dcdave says:

    I for one am excited to meet all of you. Blogging gets a bad rap from people who don’t understand it and we need to meet more often in order to establish a rapport and keep from being so fragmented. Often times, Tampa’s mini-blogosphere is more insightful and educational than anything produced my the major local media outlets.

  7. Derrick Daye says:

    Just discovered these meetings. Looking forward to them. It would be nice (and perhaps more productive) to see these combined.


  8. dcdave says:

    Lol, Derrick, that would require organization.

  9. voxpop says:

    Where is Jim? See — the blogger meeting stifled everyone.

    HA !

    Looking forward to future news, Jim.


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