City of Tampa Election Results – Live Blogging

One of the fun things about Election Night is watching the returns… thanks to the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections – we can see the results as they are counted… so I am live blogging the results while watching the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes I recorded on my BrightHouse DVR.

7:08pm: The first set of numbers are in There aren’t many surprises… less than 4,000 votes counted city-wide. … Iorio up big – 82%… Joe Redner in 2nd place to Gwen Miller in District 1… Mary Mulhern is leading in District 2. John Dingfelder is leading in District 4… Hmmm must be a lot of Democrats on the early voters. Tom Scott comfortably ahead in District 5. Charlie Miranda with a 3-to-1 lead in District 6. Oh my gosh! Charlie Perkins leading District 7… now THAT would be something.

7:25pm: More numbers… 8,500 votes city-wide… Iorio still over 81%… Redner moved even closer to Miller in District 1… Mulhern, Dingfelder, Scott, and Miranda still winning – not much change in the numbers… Frank Margarella took the lead in District 7, but all three have about a third of the votes. I remember days watching results like this… sometimes they hold, most of the time they do not.

Sidebar: The site loads fairly quickly when I refresh. Quite a change from the general election… just means there aren’t that many people checking the results (yet?)…

7:47pm: A few more numbers in… over 8,700 votes city-wide… 2 precincts reporting, both in East Tampa… no major changes in the races…

7:56pm: Fast and furious now… 9,700 votes city-wide… 12 precincts reporting… Iorio still over 80%… Miller and Redner looking like they will see the face off – my pick, Baron, is dead last… Harrison tightened up on Mulhern, now 51-49… No new South Tampa Numbers… Reverend Scott looks like he may avoid the runoff… Miranda still up 3-to-1… Margarella and Caetano separated by 37 votes (and about 2%)…

8:06pm: We now have 18 precincts reporting, including most of New Tampa, and almost 11,000 votes city-wide… Harrison has taken the lead in District 2, by 80 votes (and South Tampa hasn’t started to be counted yet… maybe Mary can pull it out)… Meanwhile, in District 7 Joseph Caetano has taken the lead with more than 40%. The numbers are holding in District 1 with Miller just under 30% and Redner just over 21% – Baron has slipped under 10% now, but Seminole Heights is still out… Dingfelder has been 53-44 since the start – because South Tampa precincts aren’t being counted yet, and Miranda has been up by more than 40 (73-27 right now) the whole time… Tom Scott is coasting with more than 50% in his three-way race.

8:17pm: Big jump, up to 39 precincts reporting, West Tampa starting to come in and most of North Tampa has been counted now… There are still less than 13,000 votes city-wide… Iorio dropped below 80%… Miller moved up over 30%, Randy Baron moved up over 10% again – but still in last place… Harrison’s lead is up to just over 200 votes… Still waiting for more precincts for Dingfelder-Brown… Tom Scott holding on to 50%… Miranda’s party has probably started, but only 6 of his 36 precincts are reporting… Caetano slipped but is still in the lead…

8:26pm: Now 41 precincts reporting, more than 13,000 votes counted city-wide… Miller’s lead is growing, with Redner still in 2nd place – 364 votes separate 3rd place from last place… Harrison holding to a slim lead… Caetano’s lead slipped in District 7, 12 of 19 precincts are reporting and he’s up by 110 votes. Port Tampa is the only precinct completed S.O.K., and Davis Islands and Forest Hills still haven’t been started.

8:36pm: Past the half-way point… 60 of 112 precincts reporting more than 15,000 votes cast city-wide… Iorio is over 78%… Miller is almost to 1/3rd, Redner is still in 2nd place… Harrison is still winning… Some South Tampa precincts are coming in, Dingfelder is still up by almost 10%… most of District 5 is in, and Tom Scott is still over 50%… West Tampa is coming in, Miranda is still over 70%, but it’s slipping… Caetano’s lead is less than 100, but more than 3%, in District 7…

8:40pm: Another precinct in (61 of 112)… Not much changed… Iorio still has 78%… Randy Baron is less than 10%… goes to show the power of both newspapers in this race… Harrison is up by more than 250…

8:45pm: Another precinct (62 of 112)… 16,500 votes… coming from West Tampa… Miranda is up big there, still… new votes in South Tampa, Dingfelder’s lead widens slightly… Harrison-Mulhern, less than 2%…

8:56pm: More returns… With 81 of 112 precincts complete, and more than 21,000 votes cast city-wide… here are the current numbers… Mayor – Iorio’s lead increased, she’s back over 79%… District 1 – Miller is at 29%, Redner is back up to 23%, Baron is bringing up the rear at 9.99%… District 2 – Mulhern retook the lead, although its just over 1% (about 200 votes)… District 4 – Dingfelder is solid, Brown actually slipped and is over 11% (and almost 1,000 votes) behind… District 5 – With 1 precinct left, Tom Scott has won this race without a runoff… District 6 – Charlie Miranda is still up big 72-28… District 7 – No new numbers here, but Caetano is leading by more than 3% – this one’s headed for a runoff.

9:05pm: Getting closer… 92 of 112 reporting, 22,500 votes… Mulhern is improving her lead in District 2, but most of the very very Republican precincts in the Westshore and Bayshore area have not been started yet – I can hear the fingerbiting from here… no other real changes in the other races… Redner and Miller are getting closer, 28-23%… District 7 was a surprise, I didn’t see Charlie Perkins with that much of a campaign – yet the race is Caetano 37%, Margarella 33%, and Perkins with 30%. Go figure.

9:16pm: Almost there… 111 of 112 reporting, 27,200 votes cast… Miller-Redner tighter 26.9 to 23.5%… Mary Mulhern looks like she will beat Shawn Harrison… WOW!… Dingfelder cruises to an easy win, along with Scott, and Miranda… Caetano-Margarella will face each other in the runoff.

Sidebar: The last precinct to be counted is #321 in East Tampa.

9:25pm: With all 112 precincts reporting here are the numbers:

  • Mayor – Pam Iorio 79.49%, Serious Lewis 12.22%, Aria Green 8.29%
  • District 1 – Gwen Miller 27.31%, Joe Redner 23.48%, Julie Jenkis 14.79%, Denise Chavez 13.53%, Rick Barcena 11.13%, Randy Baron 9.76%.
  • District 2 – Mary Mulhern 51.14%, Shawn Harrison 48.86%
  • District 4 – John Dingfelder 53.33%, Julie Brown 41.52%, Joe Citro 5.15%
  • District 5 – Tom Scott 50.75%, Frank Reddick 35.93%, Tracee Judge 13.32%
  • District 6 – Charlie Miranda 71.02%, Lisa Tamargo 28.98%
  • District 7 – Joseph Caetano 36.55%, Frank Margarella 32.85%, Charlie Perkins 30.60%

Wow. First, kudos to the Mulhern and Dingfelder teams. They did a great job. For the record, Mulhern’s campaign manager guided Charlie Justice to a surprise win in the Senate District 16 race last fall – that’s the last time I pick against him.

Districts 1 and 7 will be in the run off on March 27th. Keep posted here for details.

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4 Responses to City of Tampa Election Results – Live Blogging

  1. Wendy says:

    Jim, great job with keeping up the reseults of the elections. I thought it was interesting that today when I went to vote that the poll supporter for Serious Lewis was seriously napping in a lawn chair with his hand over his face shading his eyes from the sun! We all knew that Mayor Iorio would win, but a little excitement from the competition be nice!

  2. Mr. X says:

    WOW… Star Trek episodes and live blogging of a lackluster City election with no mayoral race, oops my bad – you really need to get laid. Then again, my reading it a day later after midnight apparently so do I!

  3. Well hopefully people will not stay homeand watch Star Trek reruns, and go out and vote on March 27th. As far as District 7 I really like Frank. But as far as District 1 goes, I believe that by voting for Joe, Joe will help the balance of power that has been been taking advantage by people such as Shaun Harrison, Tom Scott, Gwen Miller, Ronda Storms, Jim Norman, Ken Hagan, and Charles Miranda. If our city is to ever move forward as far as progress goes then we need someone that can challenge others. Joe is that person and that is why we need to go to polls when it comes to a re-vote between Joe and Gwen.
    Watch this clip and you see what I mean:

  4. Lee Nelson says:

    That video trailer is great — can’t wait for the movie.

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