Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 1

The opening day of the Legislative Session tends to be fairly light because many of the members bring their family up for the pomp and circumstance that accompanies Opening Day.

SenateFlorida House of Representatives

The House will convene to open the 2007 Legislative Session, and with formal ceremony will open the chamber for Governor Charlie Crist’s first State of the State Address.

The various health care and eduation committees will meet this afternoon. There are a handful of bills on the various agendas, along with discussions about some of the 100 Ideas.
SenateFlorida Senate

The Senate will officially open the Legislative Session then transfer to the House Chamber for the State of the State Address. The Senate will also meet in Session this afternoon, the special order calendar will be set by the Law and Justice Policy and Calendar Committee.


  • Session means one chamber meeting as a whole, not in committee. A Session of a chamber is where bills are officially voted upon by the house.
  • Special Order Calendar is the official list of bills to be considered during a given Session. It is possible, and often happens, that not all bills on the Special Order Calendar will actually be debated during a given timeframe.

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