Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 2

Yeterday featured the State of the State speech, the first airing of the Anti-Murder Bill on Second Reading in Senate, and a lot of pageantry.

SenateFlorida House of Representatives

The House only has committee meetings scheduled today. Among other meetings on bills, the Committee on Agribusiness will hear HB 595, by Jim Frishe, which would ban automatically-dialed telephone solicitations to those on the Florida Do Not Call list.

The important meeting is the Government Efficiency and Accountability Council. They will workshop a proposed committee bill – PCB GEAC 07-01 on Ad Valorem Tax Millage. This bill changes existing law to roll millage rates back to what they would have been if local governments were limited since 2001 to increasing by the Consumer Price Index, allows local governments to go above this limit with a supermajority vote, and any government that goes above the limit can not some revenue sharing funds. The limit does not apply to schools, millage dedicated for bond payments, or taxes of less than two years approved by the voters. This is one part of the House’s solution to the property tax crisis.
SenateFlorida Senate

The Senate has committee meetings in the morning. One of the interesting bills is SB 316 by Senator Mike Bennett, which will be heard in the Commerce Committee. This bill is a mini flyer’s bill of rights – if a flight is delayed an hour, you get your ticket paid for plusan amount equal to the cancellation fee; and any ticket originating in Florida doesn’t expire.

The Senate meets in Session in the afternoon, and will pass three bills on Third Reading: SB 146 – the Anti-Murder bill by Senator Paula Dockery, SB 1004 – a bill to fight cybercimes against children by Senator Nancy Argenziano, and SB 400 – a bill spelling out how a rental unit can be repossessed by a landlord upon the death of a tenant by Senator Gwen Margolis.

Oh, and tomorrow will be Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse Centennial Day.


  • Session means one chamber meeting as a whole, not in committee. A Session of a chamber is where bills are officially voted upon by the house.
  • Second Reading is the part of a chamber’s Session where a bill is read a second time. The Florida Constitution says that every bill must be read three times (usually by title, not in full) before passage.
  • Third Reading is the final stage before final passage in one chamber. During the latter stages of Session, not all bills on Third Reading will pass.
  • Proposed Committee Bill is a draft of a bill that is will be introduced by a committee, as opposed to a member bill that is sponsored by a member of one of the chambers. They are usually handled by the committee chair.

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