Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 4

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There is one meeting in the House on Day 4 – the Policy and Budget Council.  In that one meeting, there are only two bills: HB 7001, the bill sponsored by the Government Efficiency & Accountability Council, and PCB PBC-07-01.

HB 7001 is committee bill that:

  • changes existing law to roll millage rates back to what they would have been if local governments were limited since 2001 to increasing by the Consumer Price Index;
  • allows local governments to go above this limit with a supermajority vote;
  • and bars any government that goes above the limit from receiving revenue sharing funds. The limit does not apply to schools, millage dedicated for bond payments, or taxes of less than two years approved by the voters.

This new proposed committee bill proposes a wide-raning amendment to the Florida Constitution:

  • limit state revenue growth to CPI times Population Growth plus 1%  [2.1 x (2.21 + 1) = 7.09%], unless 2/3rds of each house approve a specific dollar amount by whichthe budget can exceed the limit;
  • roll back the value for the 2007-2008 fiscal year, as if the limit had been in place since 2001-2002;
  • creates a new fund to reduce taxation for local governments, including schools;
  • repeals property taxes for homestead property;
  • rolls back property tax rates for all local governments except schools; and
  • raises the state sales tax by 2.5 cents, to 8.5%.

These two bills constitute the House position on property tax relief.
SenateFlorida Senate

The Senate is done for the week.  The Appropriations Committees scheduled to meet Friday are not meeting.


  • Proposed Committee Bill is a draft of a bill that is will be introduced by a committee, as opposed to a member bill that is sponsored by a member of one of the chambers. They are usually handled by the committee chair.

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  3. Theo says:

    Raising the state sales taxes is phenominally stupid — especially when it is going to end up an entire percent higher than our border states. I want the republican majority to stop selling out their party members with dumb a$$ ideas like this. Why don’t they enact laws that help local businesses! I seriously believe that if we concentrate on activities that will give our small businesses (and owners) market advantages instead of disadvantages the state will inturn recieve MORE sales tax.

  4. Robert C. says:

    Just a word to compliment you on the appearance this morning on “Flashpoint”. Great appearance and being paired with Dr. McManus was a big plus! It’s too bad WFTS don’t promote the programme.

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