I was Flashpoint; Sorry for not posting earlier


Sorry for not posting BEFORE the event, but I was on Flashpoint with Brendan McLaughlin today. He invited me to participate with USF political scientist, and one of my former professors, Dr. Susan McManus.I recorded it on my DVR, and if I can find a way to post it online (and won’t tick off ABC 28 too much), I will follow up this post.

We talked about a wide array of issues:

  • Charlie Crist’s popularity…
  • Marco Rubio…
  • Penny for Pinellas…
  • Joe Redner’s chances in the run off…

I enjoyed participating, and hope to have more chances to be on local political shows – I DVR them each week, along with my other favorite shows.

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  1. Robert C. says:

    A Miami-area blogger, “Mustang Bobby” at Bark Bark Woof Woof, brought forth an interesting idea:

    What would be really cool is if we could get Sam Waterston, a well-known spokesman for liberal causes and the voice-over narrator for The Nation magazine’s TV ads as well as D.A. Jack McCoy on Law & Order, to run for the Democrats and Dick Wolf to produce it; then we’d come full circle.

    Talk about one heckuva reality show…

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