An Interesting Candidate: Fred Thompson for Prez?

Admittedly, and for some unknown reason, The Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite movies. Law and Order is one of my favorite TV Shows. So it seems natural that I find former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson an interesting candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

Some readers will recall that I decided to back Rudy Giuliani; however, that post also said that I was open to switching if Newt Gingrich decided to run. Still, I liked Thompson during his tenure in the Senate – and I think he will add an interesting dynamic to the GOP debate.

A Tennessee blog, Pith in the Wind, posted reasons why Thompson “won’t be elected” president — but to me, and to a lot of the commenters on that post, the reasons spelled out seem to make a strong argument for winning the nomination.

Now, I will point out that like McCain and Romney, Thompson was fairly moderate — yet he was also loyal to the Republican party. Sure, he won’t champion the social causes our friends at Red State or PEER Review might wish, but he could be a better alternative to Giuliani.

It will be interesting if Thompson does decide to run… at least the debates will be fun to watch.

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