Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 8

SenateFlorida House of Representatives

One week into session… lots of committee meetings this week. Here are some higlights for Day#8… But only a couple of note.

In the Committee on 21st Century Competitiveness, they will have two discussions affecting teachers: “Discussion of issues relating to increasing seat
time/extending the school day” and “Discussion of issues relating to class size and teacher pay.” In the Committee on K-12, they will hear the Back to School Sales Tax Holiday bill (HB 215 by Rep. Marti Coley).

SenateFlorida Senate

The Senate has a little more going on. In Regulated Industries, SB 216 by Sen. Steven Geller would allow dominoes to be played at parimutuel card rooms. Gambling for dominoes. Only in South Florida. Also, in the same committee, SB 1954 is a committee bill from Regulated Industries would clarify the drinking age law by making it illegal for someone underage to be intoxicated (previously it was only against the law for them to drink alcoholic beverages, not acutally be drunk), and bars would be allowed to seize fake ids (previously only police could seize the id cards). [SB 1954 is the result of an interim study by the committee to reduce underage drinking in Florida.]

In the Transportation Committee, SB 1676 by Steve Oehrich (one of my Top 10 Amusing Bills) will be heard — allowing cops to drive golf carts on the street. In Criminal Justice, SB 410 by Sen. Bill Posey would increase penalties for open house parties. [Sidebar: I’m sensing a pattern here at the start of Spring Break season… hmm….]

Another of the Amusing Bills, SB 426 by Sen. Burt Saunders, which would prohibit a cover band from implying a relationship to a recorded band, is up in the Commerce Committee. Finally, in the Ethics and Elections Committee will conduct a workshop on creating a verifiable paper trail for voting systems.

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