Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 16

SenateFlorida House of Representatives

The House has a number of committee meetings scheduled today, with a few bills of interest. In the Committee on State Affairs, three bills that are part of the tax reform package are being heard. HB 1483 by Rep. Antiere Flores would require a super-majority vote for local governments to expand or create new revenue sources. HB 473 by Rep. Rob Schenck would allow local property appraisers to use the sale price of a property in determining the just value. PCB GEAC 07-23, which would provide property tax relief for renters, will be workshopped.

In the Urban and Local Affairs Committee, three local bills affecting Hillsborough County will be heard: HB 1397 by Rep. Kevin Ambler allows local agencies to exempt one information technology position from civil service, HB 1411 by Rep. Trey Traviesa grants a special alcohol permit to the Tampa Bay History Center (for use at fundraisers), and HB 1413 by Rep. Kevin Ambler is a non-controversial bill for the City of Tampa Firefighters and Police Pension changing the calculation for the ’13th Check.’

SenateFlorida Senate

The Senate has a Session schedule for the morning, with committee meetings later in the day.  In the Education PreK-12 Committee, SB 660 by Sen. Mike Fasano would require all girls entering the 6th grade (shifts to 8th grade by 2011-2012) to be immunized against the human papillomavirus, with the ability for parents to opt-out of the immunization. (HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer, and studies have shown that half of all sexually-active adults carry the virus).

The UF/FSU $1000 per year fee bill, SB 1710 by Sen. Steve Oelrich, will be hear in the Higher Education Committee.  The Appropriations Committees will hold budget workshops.  The Finance and Tax Committee will workshop property tax reform proposals.

In the morning Session, the Senate will hear the Responsible Regulation calendar, featuring a couple of environmental bills, and the Social Responsibiltiy calendar, featuring a couple of education bills.  Of note is SB 1226 by Sen. Don Gaetz, which creates a Merit Award Program for teachers and school administrators.

Wednesday is FAMU Day in Tallahassee.

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