State of Sunshine Mention in Palm Beach Post

The State of Sunshine reached the attention of Palm Beach Post columnist Frank Cerabino. In his Musings column Wednesday, he explored my post on the Top Ten Amusing Bills for the 2007 Session:

With the state legislature in session again, it’s very hard to keep track of all the bad ideas percolating in Tallahassee.

Fortunately, the political blog has sifted through the more than 3,000 bills that get filed every year to separate the mundane chaff from the extraordinary chaff.

These are the pieces of proposed legislation which have, like the Starship Enterprise, boldly gone where no law has gone before. OK, maybe a little too boldly.

Cerabino goes on to add his humorous spin to several of the bills. It’s a fun column, worth reading if you are a policy wonk like me and can laugh at the absurdity of our elected officials. Plus anyone who can tie politics to Star Trek gets bonus points in my book.

Hat Tip to The Florida Masochist who emailed me about the column.

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  1. Chuck Palm says:

    Great article! Love the “Star Trek” ref. Congrats on making the “real” media again.

    Chuck Palm

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