Election Day in Tampa

Today is the run-off election in Tampa.  There are two seats on the ballot.  District 1 pits incumbent Councilwoman Gwen Miller against the infamous Joe Redner.  District 7 has two New Tampa residents Frank Margarella versus Joseph Caetano.

District 7 is easier to predict than District 1.   Caetano has the better organization, including the support of Charlie Perkins, who finished a close third in the primary election for this District.  I think Caetano will win this race.

The one thing that Tampa’s politicos have been watching is the Redner campaign.  I have heard from my sources that the South Tampa machine — the one that propelled Mary Mulhern over Shawn Harrison and John Dingfelder’s significant victory — is pushing Redner.

Redner is also the better campaigner.  He consistently shows his grasp of city issues and he clearly has a vision for what he thinks is the right course for the city.

However, he can not escape what he does for a living.

In the primay, 60% of votes cast came from Democrats, who traditionally do not have the same social concerns about adult businesses.  If the turnout in the runoff is lower, and I believe it will be, the proportion of votes from Democrats will probably be higher.

Will that be enough to push Redner over the top?  We have a little more than 12 hours to find out.

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