Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 23

SenateFlorida House of Representatives

In the Governmnt Efficiency and Accountability Council, HB 261 by Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera takes another step forward. The bill adjusts the method for property appraisers to find the just value of a property by removing the “highest and best use” requirement, and requiring using income for income producing properties. They will also hear HB 1483 by Rep. Antiere Flores, which would require supermajority votes by local governments for expanding or creating revenue sources (taxes, fees, etc.)

Also in this council, most of Hillsborough County’s local bills will be heard:

  • HB 1153 by Rep. Rich Glorioso (raises Aviation Authority no bid limits),
  • HB 1293 by Rep. Glorioso (allows the Public Transportatn Commission to set quotas for handicapped-accessible taxi cabs),
  • HB 1397 by Rep. Kevin Ambler (allows local government agencies to declare on IT position exempt from the Hillsborough County Civil Service Board),
  • HB 1411 by Rep. Trey Traviesa (grants a special event liquor license to the Tampa Bay History Center), and
  • HB 1413 by Rep. Ambler (changes the City of Tampa Fire & Police Pension provisions for the 13th check).

The House will be in Session in the afternoon, and most of the Special Order Calendar consists of public safety and hurricane-related legislation. Among them is HB 7057, a committee bill by the Jobs & Entrepreneurship Council redesignating and expanding the My Safe Florida Home program, which provides grants to assist homeowners in renovating their homes to better withstand hurricanes.

NOTE: The proposed House schedule for next week is not available as yet. In the past few weeks, the House had been providing the subsequent week schedule earlier during a current week. It’s possible that the House has not decided to follow the Senate’s lead to cancel meetings for the Easter and Passover holidays. However, media reports have indicated that Rudy Giuliani was supposed to address the Republican conference in Tallahassee next week (the 4th).

SenateFlorida Senate

The Senate Appropriations Committees will all have their proposed budgets, in the form of proposed committee bills. These represent the intial stage of the budget. On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Chairs will present the process for this year’s budget.

Here are the first versions (to see the actual bills, follow these links and click on the link under Bills, they are large PDF files):

The Senate will also be in Session in the afternoon. There are a number of bills awaiting passage by the Senate, most of which are technical bills that create or re-create Trust Funds that are used as part of the appropriations process or revising statutes. Two bills will pass implementing amendments to the Florida Constitution that passed in 2006: HB 333 by Rep. Lopez-Cantera implements the higher homestead exemption for low-income seniors and SB 1026 by Sen. Mike Fasano implements the discount on property taxes for disabled veterans.

Among the bills on the Special Order Calendar is SB 282 by Sen. Fasano, which would prohibit a restaurant or bar from denying service to a designated driver.

Wednesday is Florida Osteopathic Medicine Day in Tallahassee.

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