Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 24

SenateFlorida House of Representatives

One interesting note, the House has scheduled Council meetings for next week, most likely to move the House version of the budget out of committee so it’s in the proper posture for debate by the whole House the week after Easter.  Today, a number of my Top Ten Amusing Bills are on various committee or council agendas.

Today, in the Committee on Business Regulation, HB 325 by Rep. Eddy Gonzalez will be debated.  This Amusing Bill would grant tax credits to companies who pay for certain fitness programs for their employees.

The Economic Expansion & Infrastructure Council will hear a few interesting bills.  The bill creating Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (BARTA?) Bill, HB 251 by Rep. Bill Galvano is on the agenda. So is HB 979 by Rep. Andy Gardiner, whose day job is Executive Director of the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, spells out the proper use of the term “Chamber of Commerce.”  Another is Amusing Bill HB 1003 by Rep. Joe Pickens, allowing law enforcement to drive golf carts (and other vehicles) on streets during the normal course of business.  Amusing Bill HB 1049 by Rep. Mike Davis would prevent cover bands from implying a relationship with the band they are covering when advertising their gigs.

In the Session this afternoon, the House will pass HB 211 by Rep. Peter Nehr, the Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday bill, which is on 3rd reading.  On the Special Order Calendar are a number of technical “Trust Fund” bills that were passed by the Senate earlier this week. These bills are technical in nature, and general non-controversial.
SenateFlorida Senate

There aren’t a lot of bills to note on the Senate Committee agendas.  The Senate BARTA Bill, SB 506 by Sen. Mike Fasano, will be heard in the Government Operations Committee.

The Senate will pass SB 282 by Sen. Mike Fasano later today; the bill is on 3rd reading.

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