Will Conservatives Find their Candidate?

I know this is not a national political blog… but there have been interesting developments on the Republican side.

  • Consider that former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, who is not running officially, is polling in third place behind Giuliani and McCain, well ahead of Romney.
  • Newt Gingrich, who has been practically endorsed by Rev. Jams Dobson (of focus on the family) and was praised by Rev. Jerry Fallwell, is giving the commencement address at Liberty University.

With other conservatives like Sam Brownback polling below the margins of error in public polls, the race for the conservative banner is WIDE open… and will be until either Thompson or Gingrich (or both) jump in officially.

Oh, and tomorrow marks the end of the first major quarter of fundraising for presidential candidates.  The reports aren’t due to the Federal Elections Commission until April 15th, but expect the media to work on getting number from the campaigns as early as next week.

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4 Responses to Will Conservatives Find their Candidate?

  1. Bob says:

    Do you think any candidates will drop after the first quarter reports are made public?

  2. Jim Johnson says:

    Some of the “resume” candidatesl ike Dodd, Brownback, etc might drop out.

    Hotline has a good post about what they expect the “major” canidates to bring in:

    Clinton — between $23M and $30M
    Obama — between $18M and $24M
    Edwards — between $13M and $17M

    McCain — between $18M and $22M
    Romney — between $19M and $21M
    Giuliani — between $12M and $15M

    But… for most of these candidates, the totals are for both primary and general election, limiting what they an spend… and the real numbers are how much cash is left. Romney is the only one with a full operation in a state other than IO/NH/SC (Florida), not to mention his Florida TV spots. (Although, Romney is not raising general election money yet. So his is actually a significant amount.)

    None of these six will drop out

  3. JReid says:

    I’m a bit surprised that Giuliani would be seeded third ITO the money primary, given how Republicans (at least in the polls) are putting aside his considerable baggage to prefer him to the other candidates (something I assume is a temporary phenomenon at best). And I agree with you that all six will stay in — though I’m not sure how much longer Romney can hold on. He’s had a terrible time on the campaign trail, including in Florida, and his flip flops are just too egregious to make him a serious candidate for long…

  4. Z says:

    GO Brownback! He is the real deal Conservative.

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