The Case for Fred Thompson ?

Okay, so I know the State of Sunshine is again digressing into National politics. But I found something interesting (to me at least).

First, bloggers and the media have noted the recent Qunippiac University poll in Florida. The poll included prospective as well as announced candidates. Here are the results, in case you missed it:


  • Clinton 36%
  • Gore 16%
  • Obama 13%
  • Edwards 11%
  • Richardson 2%
  • Biden 1%
  • Clark 1%
  • Kucinich 1%
  • Dodd <1%
  • Gravel <1%

Clinton lost substanital ground since February, when she had 49% of the vote. Gore and Edwards made the most gains (from 7% each). Obama has been at 13%.


  • Giuliani 35%
  • McCain 15%
  • Gingrich 11%
  • Thompson, F 6%
  • Romney 5%
  • Brownback, Paul, & Thompson, T all 1%
  • Gilmore, Hagel, Huckabee, Hunter, Pataki, and Tancredo all <1%

The poll also broke out the White-Born Again-Evangelical vote that comprises a large portion of the Republican base. Among those voters, the race is:

  • Giuliani 30%
  • McCain 15%
  • Gingrich 14%
  • Thompson, F 10%
  • Romney 4%
  • Thompson, T 2%
  • Huckabee & Paul 1%
  • Brownback, Gilmore, Hagel, Hunter, Pataki, & Tancredo all <1%

The interesting comparison here is that Romney actually has more support from outside the W-BA-E base. It also shows how much support Fred Thompson has within that base.

So, it seems that – in Florida at least – Fred Thompson has a decent chance to lock up the more conservative votes in the Republican party.

Now compare that to this Red State post by Adam C listing the reasons why Thompson should run:

1) There is no MAJOR issue where he is at odds with any conservative wing of the party. And Thompson is not a recent convert for political reasons on any major issue.

2) Thompson was outside politics from 2002-2008 when Republican stock went downhill. As a corollary, Thompson is not tied to President Bush or the current Senate in any way.

3) Thompson’s ability to communicate ideas clearly and earnestly makes many think of Reagan’s ability to win over people to ideas that are not necessarily popular (say seeing Iraq through until victory)

4) Most people like a person who is not a career politician but is an educated and active citizen to be President

5) Thompson is probably the most conservative electable candidate.

and a comment left by “septembergurl”:

6) Thompson is from Tennessee, the South or more accurately a border state, and thus well positioned to hold a number of Southern and border states in the general election. One of the problems with Giuliani and Romney is that they are Notheastern republicans, representing a wing of the party that has lost out to the South & West. I like Sanford and Jeb Bush, but neither of them shows signs of running. The only other southerner is Huckabee and he is not going anywhere.

I said before that I think Rudy has the best chance of winning… but I am open to re-evaluating that position. I had thought it would be Newt Gingrich that might make me reconsider America’s Mayor… but maybe there’s something to be said for Thompson, afterall.

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5 Responses to The Case for Fred Thompson ?

  1. mia says:

    Fred Thompson really seems like he is getting attention. I read a column that mentioned him briefly about 2 weeks ago. This one little mention got me interested and the more I read and learn the more I like.

    If you’re interested this was the column

  2. Did you know Fred Thompson has been filling in on Paul Harvey’s show? Did you know that Paul Harvey is still alive?

    Thompson is positioning himself hard to the right on immigration. That issue worked has a wedge within the Republican Party during the midterms.

    Fortunately, we’ve got someone who is all too willing to tell us what we should do about it — the president of Mexico Philipe Calderon. President Calderon doesn’t think much of our border policies. He criticizes our efforts to secure the border with things such as border fencing. He says that bottle necks at U.S. checkpoints hurt Mexican commerce and force his citizens to migrate illegally in order to make a living (and of course send money back to Mexico). He apparently thinks we should do nothing except make American citizens out of his constituents

    Less than wonderful rhetoric from someone possibily running for president. Not very diplomatic.

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    I knew about the Paul Harvey show. Thompson was selected by ABC radio as Harvey’s eventual replacement. Now, if Thompson does run – he will have to give up the radio gig, because of the equal time issue.

    As for immigration, the paragraph you quoted is perfect. I don’t see how it’s not diplomatic. You see, the president of another country says “my people can’t get into your country the legal way, so they have to BREAK THE LAW to get in.”

    I support Sen. Mel Martinez’ plan for a path to citizenship, coupled with a totally secure border with a fence from Brownsville to San Diego. Those who are here, contributing to our economy, deserve the chance to stay. Those who are not here now, should use the legal process to enter our country.

    The only other option would be to annex Mexico so that all Mexicans would then be Mexican-Americans.

  4. How utterly moderately Republican. Can the base be convinced about Martinez’s plan? Immigration will just drive Hispanic voters to the Dems. Not that I mind, but I don’t think the Michelle Malkin-style rhetoric is good for the country. It’s too divisive.

    Were you ever on Scott Horton’s email list No Comment? It’s now moved to Harpers.

    The days of political news email lists are dying. It’s a shame.

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